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Advancements In Senior Caregiving

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Advancements In Senior Caregiving

Senior caregiving has always been a sensitive topic in the world of medicine. Whether providing at-home care or in a specialized healthcare center, seniors were a population at risk. They were vulnerable and required extensive care and medical attention. This hasn’t changed even today, but what has changed is the quality of the medical act. We can do much more for seniors now than we did a few decades ago.

Equal Medical Opportunities for All Seniors

Perhaps one of the biggest advancements in terms of senior caregiving is equality in receiving treatment. Back in the early 20th century, class and gender-based discrimination were at their strongest, and seniors weren’t exempted from this. People with few financial possibilities were denied access to some hospitals. Religion and class were two other criteria that segregated seniors.

But we evolved past those preconceived notions. While there are still isolated cases of discrimination, the situation has vastly improved. What was the norm back then became an exception from the rule today. Moreover, people no longer spend as much time during the hospital stay. Medical interventions are much faster due to the sheer advancements in technology. Outpatient care is no longer a dream but a routine.

Now, caring for your aging parents is easier and more comfortable, even if you’re juggling two jobs and you have your own family to care for. Equality of opportunity is the basis of today’s medical scene, and this led to vast improvements in senior caregiving. At-home care offers some of the best treatments available to date for immobilized seniors, while caregiving centers offer 24/7 medical attention. Even cultural perspectives on senior caregiving have adapted to the recent breakthroughs in medical science.

Digestion & Bone Health for Seniors

Old age brings with it many health issues but most of them are related to bone health and digestion. Seniors are often at risk of gastrointestinal conditions, with the stomach, mouth cavity, esophagus, and small and big bowels being especially at risk. For good digestion, it’s often recommended that you drink enough liquids. An enlarged prostate may not benefit from the extra fluid consumption, though.

You’ll need to consult your primary medical caregiver for additional information. But when it comes to digestion issues, hydration is essential for a swift recovery and adequate prevention. Seniors are also at risk of developing digestive issues because of dairy consumption. With age, the body’s capacity to digest lactose declines substantially.

Most specialists recommend certain superfoods that help your gut stay healthy. They are split into three categories:

  • Probiotics – Kefir, kumiss, miso, sauerkraut, etc.
  • Prebiotics – Garlic, oats, onions, bananas, and so on
  • Polyphenols – Cocoa, blueberries, and green tea

As for bone problems, they’re one of the most widespread causes of senior injuries in the world. In the world, more than 10 million people over the age of 50 suffer from hip osteoporosis. Aside from having your bone strength and density evaluated by a specialist, you can change your lifestyle and diet to aid your bones. Seniors should adopt a calcium-rich diet and take calcium supplements to strengthen their bones.

Cheese, milk, yogurt, and green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium. But be careful about consuming too much calcium, as it can lead to kidney stones. As always, it’s best to consult your medical advisor before committing to any dietary transformation. But there are some things you could do to lessen the impact on your bones – quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Nicotine causes estrogen loss and negatively impacts bone-forming hormones. Women are more affected by this, but men are also in danger. Keeping your bones in good form is more difficult as a senior if you don’t quit on these bad habits. But it’s not impossible, as the latest advancements in medical science can help with that too!

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