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Top Senior Care Services Available at Your Local Primary Clinic

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Local Primary Care Clinic

Your local PrimaryMed.com clinic offers a wide variety of medical services for the elderly. As you in need of day-to-day care or rehabilitation services? Perhaps a cardiology exam or nutritional advice? Senior care primary clinics are adequately equipped to offer immediate primary care and assistance to elderly individuals. Below, you’ll find a more detailed description of the top senior care services available at your local primary care clinic.

Primary Care

With age comes a range of medical problems and worries that may become life-threatening if left untreated. That’s what senior primary care services are for. Primary care involves a close relationship between the doctor and the patient. Senior citizens benefit from constant medical assistance with problems like pains, aches, and most common diseases.

Primary care services also refer to constant health monitoring alongside medical counseling. It’s like having your own doctor that you can contact at any time, for any problem. But primary care doesn’t extend to uncommon or life-threatening medical conditions. Instead, seniors benefit from accurate diagnostics and prevention as part of the primary care package.


When was the last time you had to wait more than an hour before a doctor would see you? The door-to-doctor time needs to be less than 30 minutes for a primary clinic to offer excellent care services. As soon as the patient enters the clinic, a doctor should become aware of this. In less than 30 minutes, the doctor should visit the patient and perform a preliminary medical exam.

Local primary clinics have a hard time meeting these times, but it’s been getting better, recently. Excellent senior care revolves around a smaller door-to-doctor time. In fact, it’s one of the most important factors that go into a senior’s health maintenance. Often, senior individuals have weakened health, and long waiting times make the situation worse. That’s when door-to-doctor transportation becomes essential!

Rehab Center PT/OT

Following a severe accident or work injury, many seniors are physically and occupationally debilitated. They need to return to being independent, but that’s easier said than done. A Rehab Center with Physical and Occupational Therapy deals with these problems by improving the senior’s self-management abilities.

Your local primary care clinic should have Rehab Center services for seniors. Restoration of mobility is one of the main goals of this program. Depending on the severity of the physical impairment, it may take longer to restore full mobility. After the physical recuperation, Occupation Therapy helps you complete daily tasks such as bathing, eating, and dressing independently.


The heart is an essential organ that starts faltering with age. And seniors are in danger of cardiovascular issues such as coronary heart conditions, heart failure, or congenital problems due to their old age. As such, cardiology medical services become the only bridge to achieving proper heart healthcare for a senior.

A cardiologist will prevent, diagnose, and treat any heart issues you have. As part of a cardiology package, communication plays an important role. Generally, the doctor will maintain constant contact with the patient and hold an updated record of the senior’s cardiovascular state.


It’s not far-fetched to say that nutrition alone accounts for many medical complications. What we eat defines our health in more ways than one. Fortunately, your local primary clinic has a Nutritionist that can help you eat healthily. Healthy eating is even more significant for seniors, and nutritional counseling is a must.

Seniors may have allergies or other conditions like heart diseases and diabetes that require a specific diet. Only a nutritionist can help you adopt a clear diet for your needs. Similarly, if a medical exam goes badly because of inadequate nutrition, a nutritionist can restructure your diet accordingly.

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